Monday, July 27, 2009

Update? Not really...

Started sweater for bigger niece, digging the colors and the bubble stitch. Finishing first pair of gift socks as we speak. Intend to finish 2nd pair over next week with all of the free time on my hands, as well as start baby hat and booties. If there's enough yarn left over I'll see about making something for bigger niece to match younger niece. If not, may just make something in entirely different colors.

Used up what is apparently the last of the 120 film last night doing time-lapse shots of a thunderstorm coming in. I hope it comes out. 800 speed Fuji film in the face of lightning? It's a magical thing. And possibly overexposed, we'll see.

Cheki film STILL has not arrived so I'm gonna go yell at the slow-ass Koreans that sold it to me and tell them to hurry the shipping up. I am not a patient consumer and this should probably be a warning on my eBay profile.

Pwned the java code with help from Bob and still loving it. But we're both of the same mind, I need to sit down and work with it in other instances to see how it fits together. It's like learning Japanese. I've got some words and phrases but if I had to describe a thought I'd never come across before I'd be screwed. Time to remedy that. Thankfully I have a LOT of free time coming up here to work on learning Java a little better and work on knitting things. 'Cuz I have to finish up other surprises for people AND the crocheted sweater I started for myself around March. And Bob. I promised him a sweater and he keeps hinting at it politely, especially when I ponder aloud what to make next ("How about a SWEATER? That would be neat, I would like that!" he cries...)
Since I have the ring on my finger and everybody knows I'm guessing the man is serious and the sweater curse might not strike... I guess I'll try it. I think if I start, though, maybe I'll do it with the understanding that we'll be writing up a prenup just in case.
It'll be the greatest prenup ever. It will read in Helvetica, 14 pt., standard left aligned: "She leave w/what she came with. He leave w/what he came with." and that'll be it.
Honestly we probably won't have to go to such drastic measures. I think he's sensible enough that issues won't arise we can't solve. But that also makes it less funny to write about, hence the momentary indulgence there.

I wish the Nikon had time lapse on it. I've got some redscale film I've been meaning to play with and we're headed for a week of lightning off in the distance I would love to catch. My new tripod works beautifully and I can't wait to use it again outside.

I didn't mean for this to become a blog about toy cameras and fiber crafts. Really I didn't. I'll make fun of something bitterly in the near future, I swear...

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