Friday, July 17, 2009

Blindsided like Helen Keller on a freeway.

In the greatest twist ever, I am now being terminated. In two weeks, the last day of July. About one month from my wedding. Same as it happened last time. :)

I feel as if there is a very tiny marble in my center roiling with anxiety. The rest of me is going "Huh. So what's next?"
It is an odd place to be in, but I'm glad I'm not curled up on the floor weeping in fear. We'll just, well, see what's next.
My god, maybe I paint and write and submit stuff. I've been waiting all this time and it's happening sooner than I Is it wrong to be slightly excited? I am.
I have a great feeling of "shedding", like this job was part of the old me, the me that had all of that past crap with friends and jobs and relationships and I'm growing out of it. This is the final holdover from that time period. Hell, even the houseplants I brought to the apartment all died off about 3 weeks ago. It's all just the energy of moving on in giant, fat sway.
Let's do this, Universe. I'm ready!

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