Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Actual Conversation #72 ~ where proper respect for your helpdesk is examined.

me: Love when people try to get special treatment by lying.
"I'm at corporate and I need these files."
No. No you're not. You're a contractor in Minnesota.
gr: *chuckles* Wow, that's a bad one
me: Behold my ability to do a NAME SEARCH. Search-ninja! Whoo-pah!
Yeah. I laughed quite a bit.

I have yet to figure out why people do that. My first clue was when he gave me his phone number, which was NOT a Charlotte, NC area-code. Then when I asked if it was his cell phone he said no, it was his landline.
Apparently not realizing that I deal with Corporate on a daily basis, this gentleman decided to try and make it seem like a bigger deal by lying about his location, as items from Corporate do generally take precedence. He also didn't seem to realize I had the ability to look him up via his last name and know exactly where he was, his position in the company, and who he reported to.
If you read this and you contemplating doing something along the same lines of douche-baggery in the future to someone who's trying to help you in tech support or any other helpdesk capacity, think on this and know that they'll see immediately if you're lying. Also, the next time you call up you can be assured they're that much less likely to give a damn if you get resolved. Just food for thought.
Of course, my last day is tomorrow so my usual interest in getting something done for a person to make their life easier has slipped. Just a tad.

Toldja I'd get back to ranting about something. :D

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