Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Actual Conversation #69 ~ where we avoid an obvious pun and study the affects of pizza on programming.

(Discussing a series of drawing I did to try and visually explain how things worked with C programming, which were lost in my computer crash.)
me: ^_^
I remember the public lollipop.
I remember a raptor leaping out of the dark (but not why)
And I remember the boomerang.
gru: And the news broadcasters!
for function calls
me: yes! Back to you Jan!
What was the raptor about??
gru: I...I have no idea but I'm fascinated now
me: It was about being surprised over something.
You don't want a public lollipop because if everything accesses that data it slows stuff waaaaay down, right?
gru: More you can unintentionally pass things along
me: Like bits of programming in other sections?
gru: Yup, if everyone can touch it you have no control over it
me: I know we've discussed this, but I can't remember why that's a bad th....some fucker has pizza near me....
And I can smell it!!!
gru: Bastards!!!
me: /tangent

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