Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Day, Another Gil....

This morning I went out to my car and saw 6 different types of frost on the car.

The frost is not the remarkable part. That it can form 6 different ways is. And as a further add-on, that I was paying attention enough to actually look at it and realize it instead of relegating it all to "I'll have to scrape that off" before jumping in my car.

Some of it radiated out, fern-like, from specks of dirt on my windshield. Others crowded up like jagged flat shards in the scrapes of the paint on the sides of my car. Along the top were 3 different kinds of hoarfrost. Some of it was bladed, like 3-D snowflakes. Some of it was simply jagged and spikey like the Fortress of Solitude (and here we pause to give me geek points for a Superman reference in the midst of ponderings. But only briefly.) and other places it seemed like crystaline squares, just stuck to each other and piled in jumbles. The frost on the side windows was different than the solid sheet that formed on my front and back windows. When I touched those, my fingers sunk in with a when munching sensation as the structure of the frost gave way and melted to the touch.
While I was putting gas in my car I stared -probably a bit over-intently- at the small garden of crystals that had taken up residence between the roof and the weather stripping of the door. I probably could have stared at them forever, looking rather asinine the entire time, but the gas pump clicked and brought me out of it. Of course, by the time I got to work the wind and sun had melted most of my mini ice-garden.
I was home sick yesterday with what we suspect is food poisoning. We suspect that mostly because it hit Bob, too, with the same symptoms. That's the only thing we can think of that might have struck dual-wielding like that.
I really like my job, and I like being able to perform it well. But when stupid things like that crop up and it eats in to my paycheck, I grow irritated. However, driving is pretty much out when you're popping a fever that has it so you can't walk straight.

Out of the blue, my friend that I had been so angsty about texted me. And during the course of the back and forth, she actually stated that she needed someone to be positive, because everything was so negative for her. This led to more texts, and to a rather nice phone call between us on the drive home. She only slipped towards negativity once or twice, and I did my best to redirect.
Thus assigned a role and knowing what I need to do, I can go forward with half a clue about how to interact. It would be great if other people would let me know like this. Text from the car in front of me "I need you to forgive that i have my turn signal on, I'm herding a toddler in a car seat," etc...
Either way, we'll see what happens.

I've only actually made 2 whole socks and 3 partial socks, and already the process is wearing on me to a degree that I"m feeling the need to set it aside and do something else for a bit. Maybe return to amigurumi, or try that sweater Bob keeps hinting he would really like. I almost hate for him to be the person that has to wear the result of my learning-curve, but he's said he doesn't mind.Maybe it'll be a weekend-sweater the way the socks are.

I have a family get-together and a birthday party on Saturday. One set of gifts isn't done, since I didn't realize the party was THIS Weekend and I'm making it by hand. The other... well, I don't have anything for my neice yet. And when everybody talked to my brother, he actually said the kid is rolling in phat lewts and there is no need to purchase her anything. I know from experience that this is true. The only thing she doesn't have is a pony and a butler, and that's because she's too small to ride the pony yet. They have a huge back yard. I swear to you that this will happen. In the meantime, he's said she doesn't need junk.
Great. Except that I know if I show up without anything, I will get "the look", and later on some backhanded comment from the SIL about bringing anything.
She is totally getting a jar of beets for her birthday. I guarantee you she doesn't have one of those. If I'm feeling REALLY outrageous, she may get a can of white asparagus to pimp it up a bit.
I could be kidding. But at this moment, it actually seems like a good idea. The best part is probably that my family won't even blink if I wrap it up neatly enough.

My metric tonne of fuzzy on-sale sweaters showed up on Tuesday. I had to wait to test drive one of them all day, but I'd say so far they pass with flying colors. I'm incredibly warm. And everybody knows how much I love my disgustingly fluffy sweaters. :)

Headache. Gonna go find tylenol. Peace out.

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