Friday, March 27, 2009


I had been laboring over this in my mind for a bit now, with the launch of the DSi on to the market lately. The ability to take pictures! Yes! The ability to save and download games on internal memory! Yes! The microphone IS still there, unlike I reported previously, it's just disguised to look like a microphone to the right of the internal camera, so I missed it entirely. Observation roll failed.
My concern was mainly over the games it would play, and if it would play them better, and really I'm not feeling that it will, at least not this first gen.
In reviewing the DSi... as much as I would love to have it do more things like the PSP does (surf the web, play music, store pictures), I cannot condone dropping another $150 for something that actually does LESS in terms of playing the games that I've purchased. I have some swanky import-only GBA games from Japan that will languish from lack of accessibility. Though they talk about setting up the old GBA games as downloadable content, I'm really not seeing a push for Nintendo to get in to downloadable media quite the same way Sony or Microsoft have with their platforms. Also, what are the chances that what are now import games will get translations in to English as well as downloadable content? I've got 4 right now in Japanese that never made it to English translations and a backlog of similar games I want to get with the same issue. I can't see it changing with the development of the DSi, but I am fully open to it occuring and hope they prove me wrong. Until then, though, that's a major ding against them.
I just can't see myself as hanging on to the old DS if I've got a new one to use (trade in value, anyone??) and going further out of the way to purchase a GBA just for those cartridges, with poorer graphics and not nearly all the fun touch pad functionality, is just not worth it at this time. If I need to get online I'll go to my computer. I buy game devices for games.

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