Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Arrival

Interesting start to the weekend, I actually got out of bed at 8 am and made my way to the post office by 9 am, where the lovely and fantastic government workers of the Downingtown Post Office helped me get my passport paperwork filled out and submitted! In 3 weeks I should be holding my shiny new passport with my not so great passport photo.
Today there was a new addition to the household, and it is wonderful to finally have!
But first, I just want to show everybody that it's a great multitasker, as evidenced by the photo here.

See, Chaucer, the wonderful and curious little beast that he is, usually tracks down anything new that comes in to the house about 15 seconds after it comes in the door. The papasan frame was no exception. As he was sniffing it, I realized that it could double as a cat-catcher and upended it. After giving me what I can only surmise is the cat equivalent of a sigh and an eye-roll, he laid down and hung out. He's smart. he knows he gets out faster if it stops being amusing. A cat laying calmly under a papasan frame is boring after the amusement of documenting his gullibility, so shortly thereafter he was released.

To play in the packing material.

So for a bit we played wrestle in the remains, and he was content to just lay in it while I went about setting up the rest of it.
The rest of it looks pretty darned good! See for yourself!

This chair, by the way, is evil. I sat down in it, wrapped up in a blanket, and woke up 2 hours later with my knitting in my lap and a freezing cold cup of coffee on the end table. So far it's proven very confusing to the cats, as it's a new surface that, by right, is theirs to jump up in and adorn with cat hair. But because of the curved shape, there's no way for them to easily enter it. I've seen an acrobatic leap from the coffee table, and a complete fail as one tried to step off the coffee table in to it, misjudging the movable nature of the bowl. It's been amusing.
I'm in the midst of a second class on web apps, this one focusing more on javascript. I'm really looking forward to it.
I'm still working on socks and other things, but perhaps too many for my own good. I let one drop so I could get the other ones done, and I keep plugging away.

Chaucer, in the meantime, has figured out a way to tell me to put the projects away and do other things. It's pretty effective. I can't get to my stuff since he's on it, and he just slathers me with love if I reach for anything near him, so there's not much I can do but let him have it unless I want to wrestle with an affection-bomb for 5 minutes.
We had a quick interview with the pet-sitter early this afternoon. we figured having someone come in to take care of the cats while we were gone would probably be a good idea, so that we wouldn't have to worry about his folks being in town, or something happening to one of our cats while we're away in Japan. She was quite seriously one of the nicest people I've met in a while. Chaucer utterly adored her, going so far as to collapse in her lap and purr while she pet him and talked. It's obvious she loves pets, and she lives close by. I feel really comfortable with leaving them in her hands. I sort of hope Daisy comes out and gets a chance to interact with her, because it's very clear the woman adores animals, especially cats. It's neat to find people like that in the world still.
As an aside, it's awesome to note that the coffee I accidentally spilled on this laptop earlier tonight (my beloved laptop, coolest thing I've ever purchased for myself, and yes, the same freezing cold coffee mentioned prior.) has had no averse affect. I was swabbing cold caffeinated beverage out of the LAN port of the machine and off the screen where it trickled down. the laptop is now warm, and actually smells like coffee just a bit, but otherwise everything appears to work just dandy. I feel retarded for having done it, but at least I got off easy. I can honestly say that's the first time I've done that to an electronic device in at least 4 years. See how I'm trying to convince myself it isn't exceptionally stupid? Heh.
And on THAT note, I'm incredibly tired. Time to hit the hay.

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