Friday, March 27, 2009

Ragdoll Physics

Many times when I'm writing here the entry either has to be very quickly entered, or it will take several days of saving drafts and then going back to make sure that the tone is the same the whole way through. The writing gets interrupted a lot and it makes for jerky long posts a lot of the time. I tend to try and steer away from those because of what can appear to be a rapid change in thought pattern that really occurred after pondering on something for 24 hours or more. But that doesn't always happen.
For the most part I like nice, quick, concise little blurbs about what I just saw or how the day is going, OR... some funny stuff that went down and can be transcribed quickly. A lot of things get missed.
I bother to say this because this will seem to come out of the blue, especially when I mention it happened a few days ago. You would think it would be something mentioned immediately, but yet not. I wanted to think on it and post something intelligent instead of a "zomg GROSS eww n' stuff" quick blurb. And those take time in this alternate universe.
The other day a friend of mine told me that she'd witnessed a truck hit the corpse of a man who had apparently jumped from the L to commit suicide. He landed in the middle of the road. If you google for it in Chicago, you'll probably find it in recent news.
Hallmark definitely does not make a card for these instances. In a way, I'm glad because that would come across as money grubbing, and the purchase of one as a somewhat perfunctory "Here, I thought of you, paper and glitter might give you relief" thing. But there is something nice about being able to hand over something for people to hold on to and look at after they've had to leave to tend to their dog, children, homework, whatever.
That aside, there really isn't a proper sentiment to express when trying to interact with someone who's seen a corpse. Well... there is. If you are easily grossed out or have a phobia about dead bodies, it's probably good to keep that to yourself for the time being. But in the end, there's not a good way to say "Wow, I'm sorry you saw ragdoll physics' in such graphic detail".
To her remarkable credit, she called the police immediately and was capable of communicating fluently without wavering about the entire event
Wow. I'm sorry you saw ragdoll physics in action on a human form. That probably sucks. I have no words. Except that it must seriously, seriously suck.
If I had a lollipop and something distracting in my hands, I would offer them both, but that really doesn't cover it sufficiently even then.
Funny how this is two journal entries now about our personal reactions to what happened and not really the event or the person it happened to....

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