Thursday, March 26, 2009


Apparently there is a new game coming out from Team ICO, the creators of the totally awesome Ico (naturally) and Shadow of the Colossus games.

It drifted across my consciousness as a Twitter post that I would have totally missed had I not subscribed to Kotaku recently. It's neat to know there's another awesome puzzle game coming out from those guys. And not a puzzle game in the field of Dr. Layton. A puzzle game...well... in the field of Shadow of the Colossus! It's combat and escape-oriented! Except that it's mostly escape oriented with a little bit of combat when totally necessary. And a lot of climbing things. Very fun.

So now there are TWO games to really look forward to coming up... Bioshock 2 (and really I should completely Bioshock the First in order to get an appreciation for it) and Team ICO's new mystery game that is unviewable to me currently courtesy of the corporate firewall. Maybe I'll read up about it once I get home.

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