Monday, March 30, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

~I think I'm not tolerant enough to have really good friends, nor wise enough to know how to "see" them and who they are beyond how I don't get their viewpoint.

~Occasionally the universe drops awesome in to my lap and I'm paying attention when it happens.

~No matter how long I make the journal entry, NOTHING could accurately describe how wonderful it was to walk with Bob around Longwood Gardens this weekend. There was nothing else in the world I would rather be doing. And we got to see some beautiful orchids.

~Cherry Cream soda is tempting, but oh so very not good for the digestion

~I haven't seen a snail in years, and that made me a little sad to realize.

~I love trees and plants and gardening. No amount of computer-geekery is going to ever get that out of my system. I can forget I know all that I know, but I can't loose the grip that growing things have on me.

~4 hours of walking, no soreness the day after. WIN.

~Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world. Despite this, there were very few mushrooms to be found.

~Thunderstorms are cooler when accompanied by hail and tree-bending winds.

~I miss drawing and painting. Furiously and deeply.

~No memory of when I last actually wrote, be it poetry or something that wasn't an exercise in clearing my mind via blog. I want to change that.

~Watching someone play Silent Hill is by massive degrees less scary than being the one with the controller.

~Sometimes (most of the time) my first impression about a situation or person is correct. I wait too much for secondary confirmation only to find out I was right, and letting the doubt stress me out in the interim. Too much of my own bullshit too often.

~Cactuses are gorgeous and stately in a way that the ramshackle rainforest never can be.

~ I love Bob. A lot. And though the connotations of the words are pre-empted by some groups, I feel blessed to have such a partner in my life. He's awesome, and by that I mean by the dictionary definition of the word.

~When working to clean up one's health and fitness, one should not be surprised at the massive and sudden detox that will occur suddenly and go on at length. After all, 20 years of not taking care of yourself is not going to move out in one day.

~People take a while to get back to you on things, especially emails. That doesn't mean they don't like you, don't want to talk to you, or are ignoring you. Patience is not my strong suit.

~Neil Gaiman is a fantastic person and a terrific writer. I hope to encapsulate that spirit one day in my own work.

~There are few things more wonderful than waking up to find your cats collapsed against both sides of you, pinning you under the bedsheet, and purring like motorboats. Chaucer taps my forehead each morning so I'll roll over and he can curl up against my back. If I don't do it, he starts removing books from the bookshelf as an auditory reminder that I have forgotten his favorite part of the morning.

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