Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am thrilled with the Universe right now, because such a thing as the Pocono Kite Symphony exists.

I've been on a kite kick recently. I know I don't really ~need~ one, but I've always loved them, and loved flying them. The first I remember ever owning was a rainbow cellophane dragon kite we bought in Chinatown in San Francisco. (At the time the fact that a city could have a town within it, and that it would be specifically dedicated to one country or culture totally captured my imagination. I was all of 8, however.) It lasted for years despite having to have the long, whipping rainbow colored tail reattached several times by packing tape.
Maybe if there's extra $$ at some point I can justify purchasing one. It's sort of exercise to stand outside with a kite and do tricks, right? I kinda wanna get a stunt kite, those always looked so fun to operate.

In other news, we'll be headed to the International Orchid Show at Longwood Gardens this weekend. I'm rather excited, as I used to have several different kinds but ended up losing them all right before moving. I love their unique and ancient shapes. It'll be a good chance to walk around and get some exercise, and see some unusual and rare orchid types. Seeing as I finally got myself some new sneakers, it'll be nice to break them in somewhere so pretty!

...maybe I could fly a kite later that afternoon. Hmm...

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