Friday, March 27, 2009

Actual Conversation #49 - CYA maneuvers with non-existant Latin words.

Co-worker: "Just FYI, there's an internal issue and the servers are in a loop getting to XXXXXXXX website."
Me: "Okay, thanks. G2q." (Spoken aloud. Gee -too- kyoo)
Co-worker: "G2q?"
Me: "Good to know." (I have not realized my mistake yet)
Co-worker: "What's the Q stand for?"
Me: "Its... Latin. For 'know'."
Co-worker: "latin?"
Me: Yyeah. I'm in a weird mood, don't mind me."

Somehow this actually worked.
-for the record, the actual phrase, when not spoken by me, is "g2k".

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