Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I've wanted to see the taiko drummers for the better part of a decade. I got to catch a brief one-song glimpse of their technique courtesy of Cirque du Soleil many moons ago in Vegas, but only short internet videos since then to tide me over. I really love the drive of the percussion as it hits you in the chest.
I'm trying really hard to avoid cliches when talking about them, but on only 4 hours of sleep that's proving difficult. Let's just say they're driving.
When I found out that they would be coming to Philly for a performance, I promptly took the idea to Bob. After much discussion, yesterday morning we finally opted to check for tickets. The last time we went to see music together it was Clann an Drumma and we were baking in the sun at Celtic Fling. It was high time we went to see some good world music together!
So Bob called yesterday morning, being that we could no longer do reservations on line, and reports back to me that he literally purchased the last two seats in the house.
That's right. Yours truly has the last 2 seats for a sold-out show to see the world-famous Kodo drummers.
Serendipity is a really great thing. (Or maybe it's the luck of the Irish a bit early?) I'm supremely excited.

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