Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Actual conversation #47 - wherein the amusement factor of Google is upped.

gru: Fun Google trick. Type in a partial question and let it fill in the rest.
Typing in 'How do I' gets
How do I love thee
How do I find my up address
how do I get a passport
how do I know if I am pregnant
And my 'how do I live without you' followed by 'how do I remove Norton antivirus 2009'
me: Yeah. Sorry. I went a little crazy on your work machine.
That I've never seen.
grudan523: 'where is...' get's 'Where is Santa' 'Where is the love' and 'where is chuck norris'
This may be my new favorite thing to do...ever
me: LOL
What happens if you put in What if monkeys....?
gru: nothing sadly, not enough results
Although getting as far as 'what if mon' leads to. 'What if money didn't exist' followed by 'what if money grew on trees'.
Which is a nice dichotomy because that's both end of the spectrum right there
me: Wow. Yeah. 0_o
gru: Creepy. "where can I..." ends up with half the results being some variation on '...watch Twillight online for free'. A lot of cheep ass fanboys and girls out there.
me: *laugh*
fanbois like it shinay!
gru: I'll stop now. :-)
me: That was epic.
Although I still think you should have figured out what if monks....
gru: It came up nada.


Unknown said...

'Where can I find' A wii?
A wii fit?
A job?
acai berry?

'What happens when' you die?
we die?
you quit smoking?
you lose your virginity?
an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

'How is' babby formed?
glass made?
paper made?
Patrick Swayze doing?

Red said...

Yes! See? Freakin' amusing!