Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yes. Really. Actual Conversation # 16.

me: OH!
Get this.
I walk in to the break room and for some r#@%*^& reason Fox News is on TV like always.
And they're discussing Guitar Hero.
And while I am getting my water, the commentators have come to the decision that it has nothing to do with playing a real guitar, it's just button mashing. And therefore it requires utterly no skill to play the game.
And then one genius pops in with "you're just banging around on it like a monkey".
I was ready to give some modicum of respect to them prior to this, as it takes a lot to deliver the news with moral outrage and Christian values.
Robert: Huh, I'm sure they're experts at it also
me: But FUCK THEM.
Robert: Lol, really
me: I would hand them a a real guitar and a Guitar Hero guitar and just wait for them to actually accomplish anything approaching success with either one. And it would be a while.
Seriously....utterly...completely...fuck Fox News.
Robert: I heard that.
me: Shall we burn them in effigy while we're setting off fireworks?
Robert: Oh yes, I guess we need fireworks too!
me: ...I know a place...
Robert: Oh really...with a guy?
me: Yeah. And a Van.
Robert: Ooooo
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