Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After talking with my mom last night I realized that while Bob and I are very different in certain areas, really I had only stopped to acknowledge that it was different and did not ponder why that might be or what it was borne out of. And while I could probably go the rest of my life without knowing for sure that there's something going on like a hatred of hamsters stemming from an incident in kindergarten with the class pet, there's something in me that thinks it couldn't hurt to know exactly what makes him tick the way he does.
Having decided this, I opted to go through and re-subject myself to the Myers-Briggs, which I have had to take no less than 5 times previously, for various classes in college and high school, and once as a part of a workshop for a job I was in to discuss strengths in the workplace. All very cheesy.
Lo and behold...I am Queen Consistant. While there is a possibility to swing from one extreme to another (I have seen it done in the past decade by at least 2 different friends) that I will be within the realm of the INFP. Intuitive Feeling Perceiving...something else. I dunno.
It's nice to see consistency in SOMETHING in one's life. You are who you are, I guess. And really brains just pull in information in different ways, independent of upbringing.
Bob, by the way, turned out to be an INTJ.

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