Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tempest Fugit.

I was awoken at 3 AM by a crash of thunder that knocked the power out in our house, and then turned a light ON in the surge. I heard the rumblings and grumblings and opened my sleeping eyes just long enough to look outside to a world suddenly revealed in startling blue and white. It froze in that second as if it were caught off guard. Then everything was plunged in to blackness. All around me the sounds of electrical devices clicking at the loss of power rose up. Then a brief moment later, in the midst of the rolling thunder, the power came back on and the resulting surge turned the touch-lamp out in the hallway on. It was so funny I laughed and woke Bob up. Or helped finish him waking up, as the thunder was loud and had probably done a good job of starting it for me.
After turning the lights off and resetting the clock, we snuggled back in to bed and watched the blaze of electric blue, as it caught the tossed branches and raindrops outside mid-action. It was glorious, and I can honestly say I'd never had an experience like that. I love thunderstorms, but being able to see one in such drastic contrast because of the complete dark of night was a fantastic treat.
I was enjoying it so much, I almost couldn't go to sleep. But reminds of what sleepless nights lead to during busy days forced me to put my head down and curl the thunder around me while I went back to bed. I'm hoping it continues to storm tonight where I can watch it and appreciate it better.

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