Thursday, July 24, 2008

Actual Conversation #20 - Serenaded by a Coworker using the theme from Portal

2:04:18 PM Ben: yaaaaaaaaaaawn
2:04:22 PM: Ben: busy but boring
2:04:26 PM: Ben: nothing remotely interesting happening
2:04:37 PM: Helen: Give thanks.
2:04:41 PM: Helen: srsly
2:04:59 PM: Ben: what is worse than being busy with boring menial shit?
2:05:10 PM: Ben: having nothing to do at all?
2:06:54 PM: Helen: Oh no....
2:07:06 PM: Helen: No, the worst is not being ALLOWED to do anything at all.
2:07:16 PM: Helen: Because if nothings going on I can read the internet or draw or something.
2:07:16 PM: Ben: tru.dat
2:07:28 PM: Helen: But if that's all locked down or whatever... stiiiiiircraaaaaazeeeeee
2:07:45 PM: Ben: i pulled something in my left upper leg
2:07:49 PM: Ben: it hurts like a biiiiitch
2:08:25 PM: Ben: and tore me to pieces
2:08:26 PM: Helen: Inside or outside?
2:08:28 PM: Ben: and threw every piece into a fire
2:08:33 PM: Ben: as they burned it hurt because
2:08:35 PM: Ben: i was so happy for you
2:08:41 PM: Ben: now these points of data make a beautiful line
2:08:42 PM: Helen: w
2:08:42 PM: Helen: t
2:08:43 PM: Helen: f
2:08:47 PM: Ben: and we're out of data we're releasing in time
2:08:51 PM: Helen: *laughing*
2:08:56 PM: Helen: God damn, you ARE bored.
2:08:59 PM: Ben: so i'm glad i got burned think of all the things we learned
2:09:05 PM: Ben: for the people that are still aliiiiiiive
2:09:09 PM: Helen: ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!
2:09:18 PM: Helen: You'll be dead and I'll be...still alliiiiiiiiiiiive...
2:09:23 PM: Ben: go head and leave me
2:09:50 PM: Ben: i think i prefer to stay inside
2:09:57 PM: Ben: maybe youll find someone else to help you
2:09:59 PM: Ben: maybe black mesa
2:10:02 PM: Ben: that was a joke
2:10:03 PM: Ben: HA HA
2:10:04 PM: Ben: fat chance
2:10:11 PM: Ben: anyway this cake is great
2:10:15 PM: Ben: its so delicious and moist
2:10:21 PM: Ben: look at me still talking when theres science to do
2:10:37 PM: Ben: when i look up there it makes me glad im not you
2:10:54 PM: Ben: ive experiments to run
2:10:57 PM: Ben: there is research to be done
2:11:02 PM: Ben: on the people who are still ALIIIIIIIIVE
2:11:06 PM: Ben: and believe me i am still alive
2:11:18 PM: Ben: im doing science and im still alive
2:11:23 PM: Ben: i feel fantastic and im still alive
2:11:30 PM: Ben: while youre dying all be still alive
2:11:34 PM: Ben: and when you're dead ill be still alive
2:11:37 PM: Ben: still alive
2:11:39 PM: Ben: still alive!
2:11:47 PM: Helen: I'm blogging that entire thing.

(Ben proceeded 10 minutes later to tell me the story about the engineer from India who would not trade his phone extension -x1337- with Ben even after Ben showed him the wikipedia article to educate him. He was really irritated, because the engineer didn't understand the significance of his awesome extension. Ben can be fun.)

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