Monday, July 7, 2008

Actual Conversation # 17 - wherein the wonders of the GPS are grudgingly acknowledged.

Helen:My boyfriend was dying to take the GPS for a test drive this weekend, so on Saturday we saddled up and hooked it up and just went driving. Which was pretty cool.
2:22:20 PM: Helen: it found a beautiful county park 10 mintues away with a HUGE lake we never even knew was there.
2:22:31 PM: Helen: But then we got hungry, and told it to find us some Mexican. And it did.
2:22:37 PM: Helen: In the basement of a building in Reading.
2:22:44 PM: Helen : It was awesome.
2:22:49 PM: Robert: hehe
2:23:06 PM: Helen: I always sit there and bitch about relying on technology too much, but we never would've found that without the GPS>
2:23:23 PM: Robert: see that. it has its good points
2:23:28 PM: Helen: Oh definitely.
2:23:36 PM: Helen: I just think iPods are still totally overrated.

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