Monday, July 14, 2008

A quick tutorial on the importance of proper ascii art.

I, like many individuals, spend a great deal of time communicating via instant messaging and using various small bits of ascii art to convey our emotions along with some of the worst butcherings of the English language in the form of lawlcat, l33tsp33k, and overly used txtspeek. Not to mention your good acronyms.
That anybody actually understand anything flying across their screen when not presented in the Queen's English is amazing. That people get confused when you DO use the Queen's English is amusing.
So I was in the midst of flooding the internet with proclamations of my adoration for my man, and attempted to emphasize this with a bit of ascii art. Like so:
But this is what ensued:

So...instead of having a happy face surrounded by love, I made a picture of someone thrilled to have a waffle cone stuck on the side of their head.
When Bob saw that, his response was only to say "It looks like you've got a lot going on there. I should probably leave you alone."
Yeah. Waffle cones to the head. It's love.

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