Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few timely things to Squee about!

Well, I love my DS. I have probably spent over 20 hours on that thing since it was purchased and I declare that to be a worthwhile investment.
As of right now I have a cute little game called My French Coach which is teaching me slowly how to speak like I've made it through the school system to 3rd grade in France. I enjoy it, because there's games like word searches and whack-a-mole verb forms that keep it from being more than just rote memorization. Also, there's just something fun about being awarded points for saying "ajourd'hui".
Well...how's this for timely. Since that and My Spanish Coach have apparently been so successful, there is now My Japanese Coach for the DS. It also has an added section to teach you how to read and write in Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji. Considering all of the games I had encountered up until now were written in Japanese to try and teach English (and ergo needed to be reverse-engineered in my brain, a time-consuming process at its least efficient) this has me very, very excited.

Another thing I have always wanted to do is learn Chinese. It makes sense. I love kung fu movies, I love Chinese food. And more people speak it than any other language out there, so why on earth would I not want to learn it? So I was rather cheerful to realize that there will also be My Chinese Coach out on the market as well.

Now all they need to create are My Italian Coach and My Gaelic Coach and I will be a vury, vury happi grrl. Can you tell that I like languages? A lot?

NEWAI....say it with me, because this is a Happy Thing.... SQUEEEEE!!!

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