Thursday, July 24, 2008

Actual Conversation #19 - where Business Slang is dissected.

me: I have a new word to hate.
Robert: Which is?
me: "actioning"
What the fuck.
Robert: Ew, yeah really
me: They use it everywhere right now.
If anybody ever uses that in my presence, I'm going to make them use an actual verb.
Robert: My favorite is our new one I just heard. After the test we're having a 'Hot Washup' which I guess is the recap or post mortem. It sounds like a damned Gay porno.
me: Um...yeah.
Look, don't bend over in there, okay?
Robert: I know, right
me: I will give you $20 to mention that it sounds like that, and you would prefer we use "post mortem" because necrophilia is so outside the realm of acceptability no one would even ponder that in sexual terms.
Robert: Um no, then I will be fired :-)
me: For that?
Is that all it takes?
Robert: Might be :-)
me: Then I will have to try that some time.
Robert: heh

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