Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder, Too.

Ticket complaint received this morning.
This blocked link, which you describe as "Adult/Sexually Explicit" Is a link from the boiler professional site XXXXHeatingQhelpYYY.comm from this discussion topic:

It is supposed to be a video of a collapsing tanker. Boilers use pressure tanks and other pressure vessels, so this is an ENTIRELY appropriate work related site for me to access! I am baffled as to why an imploding tank would be considered sexually explicit...

Please unblock this link and email me when it is accessable.

It's an image of a cylinder letting off steam. Maybe they think it's too Freudian? I've seen less suggestive things shown in hardcore porn before.
Of course, having said that, you all now know I've seen a bit of hardcore porn. Perhaps I should blush.
But...seriously...a worklink for an exploding tank. I think it's time to redo our firewall and security settings. That's just pointless. And then maybe I can get access to YouTube.

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