Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun with Food

This is something that's been puzzling me for some time now. I really enjoy greek yogurt, or more specifically I really like the Fage brand yogurt that you can grab in the organic section of the grocery store (if you're lucky to have one). It's very sour, but very thick and potent. I use it for making sauces and tikka masala. I made paneer from it once by accident. It's thick enough that it might even make a decent replacement for marscapone if one is making tiramisu and can't find anything else. It's good stuff, and it barely agitates my usual intolerance to dairy-style things.
They sell little lunch packs where you can get a cup of yogurt along with something to stir in. Usually honey, dark cherries or strawberries.

Here's the weird thing. Honey is normally pretty damned viscous. Definitely something you wouldn't want to get near your hair or your laptop. Slow moving, to say the least.

The yogurt, as mention, is VERY thick stuff.

So why, when you mix the two together, does it become a runny mess?? What's the chemical reaction there?? It's as if you take two thick substances and suddenly add water to them!

Not that I mind. It's fun to watch the whole thing break down as I stir them together. I just never came across that reaction in cooking or chemistry before. Thus, it is a mystery.

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