Thursday, May 15, 2008

Actual Conversation

Robert: Okay, this TMA show is really interesting. I'm not even sure it's funny. It's just...interesting. It's the 2007 Poultry Slam
me: tma?
Robert: er TAM This American Life. My bad
me: Ohhhh.
I was like....wrestling?
Robert: No, it's stories about Poultry.
me: giggle
Robert: I shite you not.
me: I believe you.
Robert: Francois Mitterland, the former preisdent of France? When he found out he was dying, he wanted his last meal to be a special bird that is actually illegal to eat in France (it's almost sacred there).
So when he thought his time was over (he died of cancer) he had this special bird and meal set up for him. And then...he went on living for 8 more days. But because he decided that would be his last meal, chose never to eat again. All this for a bird.
me: Wow.
That's awesome.
Robert: Yeah, and the first story covered the entire concept of mindfulness while taking life in order to eat.
me: Wow. That's kinda cool.
Robert: nods
me: You know what...This American Life is the only place where people with... "interesting" voices... get airtime.
None of them are anywhere near Brother Justin, I'll tell you that.
Robert: nods I know what you mean.
me: But at the same time, how cool is that??
Robert: That's likely part of why I like it so much.
me: nod
VERY distinctive voices.
Like...they went down a line of kids, pulled everyone out with glasses and a protractor...
Robert: laughs
me: ...then from THAT line, went down and asked each of them "Do you have asthma?" and pulled out the ones that said yes...
...and then from THAT line, said "Do you play band or orchestra?"
Ba DUM dum.
Robert: LOL
me: And those guys got the job.
Robert: Aye, i can totally picture that now...curse you!
me: ^_^ My job here is done.
Robert: I will totally play chicken stories for you in retribution.
me: Bring it.
Robert: Oh, it will be brought!

~Another nugget of joy brought to you from Boredom In the Workplace With Access to Gmail Chat.
PS -for those of you who don't get the reference, Brother Justin is the antagonist in "Carnivale". Which is a good damned show. Go watch it. I'm obsessive about it almost to the same extent I was for a time about Firefly.

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