Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Actual Conversation

(You'll start to notice a theme here. I chat a lot with people online during the day. It provides a lot of humor.)

me: Do you have the start of that Necroscope series?
Robert: Unsure, maybe in a box somewhere. Why?
me: Can I borrow it to read it if you do?
Robert: NO! That book will sit on a shelf without being soiled by human eyeballs!!!!
me: Can I have Chaucer tap it out to me in Morris code?
Robert: Sure
me: Sweet.
Robert: Curse your work arounds.
me: Indeed. And my bad puns.
Robert: *sighs as the full weight of his pwnage dawns on him*
me: I LOVE YOU. :*
Robert: Love you too :-)

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