Friday, May 30, 2008

Moto Bun

In the mornings I will occasionally check the world's news in between handling tickets for my company -when there is goodly time between ticket arrivals to do so, lest you think me the slacker- and I discover many wondrous things about people and places when I do.
Today's awesome discovery was the Haptic Hare.
Here's a picture for you folks. Because it's adorable.

You can also read a little about it here on Engadget although it isn't as in-depth as the CNN article.
Seeing as I rely highly on touch and sensation, perhaps even a little more so than average folks do, this fascinates me. If you're mad at your spouse you could pet the Moto Bunny with great force. Your spouse gets home and touches it and his hand is reduced to ash in a blinding flash. He now knows that he has forgotten to take the trash out and that his wife has found his porn collection. He can then quickly take the trash out, make arrangements for dinner somewhere nice, and thank the moto-bun for letting him know his wife is barely holding back screaming at him.
On the other hand, it will make for better AI in a robotic pet. Being one of the people who got a Furby early on and loved it for as long as it lasted, this appeals to me. I like having helpful, non-Terminator style robots in my life. It might even be better than Apripoko.

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