Saturday, May 24, 2008

I put on my boots and magick hiking stick.

We intend to hit the "Mt. Misery Trail" at Valley Forge tomorrow for a little hiking action.
I think the truth is in the telling on that one. If I come back bitching, you guys can point to the name and go "Duh."

I'm excited to be getting outdoors again. Last year around this time Bob and I hiked Pole Steeple and it was a blast. Not to mention taking 7 lbs. off both of us for the week from the exertion. I look forward to getting this body moving and having a picnic lunch. I've wanted to see Valley Forge since we moved here and now that my body has told me it doesn't mind momentary discomfort or outright pain so long as it gets to move, I declare tomorrow to rock.
Also, I'll probably get a tan. I plan on wearing a tank top to make sure I stay cool. I love my pain white skin, but blemishes show up too easily on it, and I'd rather look healthy than Victorian.

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