Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drinking Games

My latest hobby has been to invent drinking games for TV series that Bob and I watch together. After all, drinking games are no fun without company.

It started with Heroes (back when it was on TV every week) and we devised some rather clever little things for that...things which I now forget because it's been so damned long since Heroes was on TV. :(

Since then, however, we have come up with two more! The first was in response to Carnivale. It runs thusly:

~any time Jonesy accidentally sleeps with a woman at the faire.
~any time Samson says something funny
~any time Lilah acts like a bitch
~any time lesbian sex is depicted
~any time Iris rattles off some babble and calls it a Russian proverb
~any time Brother Justin's eyes turn black
~any time Ben heals someone. (This had to be disabled for the last episode, otherwise we would've had alcohol poisoning)
~any time Brother Justin seduces the maid
~any time something happens to Ben and we look at each other and go "WTF??!" (a la meeting his cousins, the man who made childrens' death masks, etc, etc, etc...etc...) take a drink.

We got a pleasant buzz off of this, needless to say. But alas, we're out of Carnivale episodes to watch so this must be stowed for another time.

So instead, we turned to GHOST HUNTERS.
Now lately it seems to me that Ghost Hunters is loosing its oomph. I'm just not as excited as I used to be concerning it. Probably because the old crew is mixed up and the new energy there just isn't as engaging.
In spite of this, we decided to try a drinking game last night. That one goes thusly:
~any time Steve sees a spider
~any time a startled swear word is bleeped.
~any time Jay has to admit a place is haunted
~any time Brian screws up something
~any time they find absolutely NOTHING from the investigation
~any time they explain what "EVP" is take a drink.

We got shit faced with last night's episode.

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