Monday, May 19, 2008


Up until this point in my life I never really had any over-arching long term goals in my life. I didn't even really make college a goal. I just went, because that's what intelligent folks do. That, and my mother said "If you decide not to go, you have to get a job." And being that I had worked almost every day of my high school life delivering newspapers, working crappy retail jobs or mowing lawns, I wanted a freapin' break. But that is water under the bridge.
Since there was no real plan or real goal, I've been drifting, bored and craving stimulation, for the better part of 12 years. I've really let myself go, I've only bothered to put passing time and effort in to things, and in general not bothered to really plan too far in the future because, for one thing, I wasn't entirely sure I would MAKE it.
I've got a few goals now. I like them.

1. I'm not dying until I see everything I want to see in life.
-this includes physical locations such as Nepal, Ireland, Oaxaca MX, Japan, Germany and California again some day... but also things like my niece's first bike ride. My first time signing books in a bookstore for hordes of people who just like what I came up with. At this rate, though this might sound flippant, I have reason to stay alive for a very, very long time.
2. At one point in my life I could bend and flex in amazing ways and fit in to skinny clothes. I am headed back there.
-this body loves to move. If my last few days of joy at increased physical activity have told me ANYTHING, it's that my body has felt trapped and wants to GO. It wants to dance, since, kick around a ball, run up a hill and do all sorts of things. So I'm going to let it, with the goal of getting back down to the size I was when I left here for college.
3. I love to write, and therefore I am going to spend a large part of my life doing it.
-after realizing I would far rather be working on my stories at home than playing video games, I finally faced up to the fact that I'm probably an author and I'm going to just deal. Working on amassing a "portfolio" of sorts will help me stretch those muscles and allow me to submit to different places.
4. Love computers AND need to pay bills, so that's our new goal.
-going to go for two majors... IT support AND programming. Because if I can't find work in one, I sure as hell will be able to in the other. It will allow me to get off the phone and answering help desk tickets. Also, I love to mess around with computers in general so it will keep me mostly amused until I can do other things with my life.
5. This space reserved
-because eventually I will reach all of these goals and then I'll have to think up something else to do.

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