Monday, May 12, 2008

Actual conversation.

We get bored at work occasionally. Robert my coworker and I tend to try and find ways to occupy our immense intellects. Then this sort of thing tends to transpire:

Helen: Duly noted.
Helen: In fact, I will write it down.
Robert: write what down?
Robert: hyp=woodley?
Helen: Yup
Helen: No, I just thought I"d put down some random crap about hitler and elvis.
Robert: sweet
Robert: who would win in a fist fight?
Helen: Oh no contest. Elvis.
Helen: He was a country boy.
Helen: Hitler was an art-ninny.
Robert: Yeah, but my history tells me Hitler had extremely bad gas. that could be used as a weapon
Helen: If it were a small room yes.
Helen: But I assumed this would be kinda epic, and that requires outdoors.
Helen: Preferably on a mountaintop.
Helen: In Nepal.
Robert: ass-u-me-ng huh
Helen: I hate this.
Helen: Because I can't say what I want to right now.
Helen: So I'll just say. ^_^
Helen: Hitler and Elvis showdown DESERVES a mountaintop in Nepal.
Robert: ok. fair enough

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