Monday, May 19, 2008

Actual Conversation

me: I was in the midst of writing a limerick and the phone rang three times in a row.
This place does not like poems!!
Robert: Corporate america is just trying to keep the poet down! *puts on beatnik outfit*
me: *snaps her fingers in applause*
Robert: The man fears the poet, for the poet has seen the emperor's willy and has no problem telling he people just how small it is. The man hates the poet, for the poet knows no fear or shame in speaking the truth, and the man thrives on that to sell us more toasters. *takes off the beret for it's getting dangerous*
me: Whoa.
me: I liked that.
Robert: Cool, let's put it on a t-shirt and make a fortune! *okay, puts the beret half on to achieve some sort of balance*
me: I put on my beret and black turtleneck...
Robert: laughs Oooo, a geek, irc, beatnik joke. I think you've just won....everything.

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