Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh crap! I almost forgot.!

My laptop will be showing up at some point tomorrow, and for this I am SINCERELY hyper. I can't wait to sit downstairs watching TV in the background while cranking out my homework and NaNoWriMo stuff. Or working on coding. Or whatever!! I can do it now and Bob can play Fallout to his heart's content. I like this idea. I like that I can just plop down and do something with Project Euler on the couch! I like that I'll get to play with the gOS and familiarize myself a lot more with Linux. It just all around makes me happy, mainly because I never thought I'd be able to afford one. It's right up there with the time I came home with my own Xbox and copy of Halo and proceeded to play that thing until my eyes burned at 3 am. Stuff I never thought I'd be able to do and I happily prove myself wrong. I GOT A LAPTOP. I AM GOING TO USE IT WITH DEADLY FORCE.

Secondly, I have found what is probably the greatest website on the intarwebs. is the website for all those kinds of candy bars you remember from when you were a kid. They have airheads, lemonheads, rootbeer barrels, charleston chews.... all kinds of things that are damned hard to find anywhere these days. They even had MOUNTAIN BARS, and I've never seen those anywhere else but the Summit at Snoqualmie out in Washington State.
Being on an after-Halloween candy binge, and also being out of mini Twix bars, which is what I was madly craving, led me to that website. They have a glorious thing you can create there called a grab-bag, where you can just go down the list of everything they offer and pick out as many items as you like. You can do it in bags, boxes, or as singles. They just wrap it all up in a plastic bag and ship it out to you.
I am a wee bit ashamed to say that I dropped $30 (with shipping) on a grab bag of stuff from when I was little. But my rationale was that I had fond memories of this stuff, and it was things like running across the street to buy Big League Chew bubble gum from the concession stand at the ballpark started teaching me how to save. So there's something redeeming in all of this.
Either way, I ordered 2 of everything. One for me, and one to share with Bob, who didn't really "do" candy as a kid. I'm going to slowly dole it out one sacred piece at a time and share my memories of it while we commune with the Gods of Glucose. It seems kinda fun in my head when it's presented that way.

Also... after it was mentioned several times, I decided that my passion for creation plushies, beaded things and other forms of crafti-ness probably needed a reason. So I created an Etsy shop. What on earth is an Etsy shop, you ask? Well, it's an online storefront where they take a very small commission in return for you being able to post your handmade goods. It is strictly specified that it is for hand-made, one of a kind items ONLY. It won't be turning in to eBay with 23 of the same thing purchased wholesale from elsewhere! I've been perusing the site to look at the people on it, and it seems like a decent community of committed artisans. Lots of REALLY creative ideas on there, as well. I'm sort of wishing I had an excuse to buy some hats, hair clips and feathered headbands right now. So much talent, and so many neat little things!
Anyway, wish me luck in the realm of trying to sell my little home-made creations. I have a feeling I'll be getting totally sick of crocheting Cthulus in the not-too-distant future. :)

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