Sunday, November 23, 2008

My early Xmas preset to you all...

Remember how much fun it was to get your hands on bubble wrap when you were a kid and go crazy?
Well, thanks to the procrastination station on the NanNoWriMo website, I was introduced to the Online Bubblewrap Popping Page. If you ever have a spare moment, or you're frustrated, head on over and waste a few minutes. I suggest clicking the box marked "Manic Mode!" in order to bypass having to click individually on each little bubble. Also, I highly suggest clicking the "Fresh Sheet" button with your sound turned on so you can experience the slightly creepy yet very amusing audio queue that results.

Segwaying from that to something more serious... A few weeks back I was talking with a coworker and we swung over to people-specific ringtones. I joked that I had a special ringtone for the phone number of the guy who used to stalk me, so I would know if he called. The coworker looked at me like I was nuts and asked why I would bother to do that. Well, I replied, so I could be warned if he was trying to contact me again. And has he? asked my coworker. And at that point I realized that it had been well over a year, and I was being paranoid...but also, I was hanging on.
That evening, I deleted the whole thing, and updated my online phone list so that ti wouldn't even be saved there in case of an update. and with that, it was all officially banished from my life. I hadn't realized until that moment just how stupid I was being, and how I'd been holding on to old emotions. After that moment, the remaining fear left, and I just felt lighter.

The connection here is that the coworker I talked with was the same coworker that provided me with real-life bubble wrap on Thursday to play with. That drove me to dive in to the bubble wrap page when I saw it. And there you have it. How my world is connected some days. :)

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