Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Few Things I Have Learned Today

1. I can't write during the day. there is some sort of mental block that keeps me from sitting down to a laptop and typing. It is now 12:30 at night and I'm finally starting to work on NaNoWriMo. This does not make for a successful 50,000.

2. Blanket statements made by the uninformed piss me off. If you're not a gamer, but you feel the need to go off about how irresponsible some gamers are, perhaps you should check your audience first. Some of your audience, I can ~guarantee~ will be that very thing you have chosen to randomly rail against. The universe does it because awkward backtracking by loudmouths is amusing to most involved. The hurt feelings that come from aforementioned uninformed loudmouths, however, are not amusing. Those of us that are usually thick-skinned until you find the one chink in it and manage to drive the spear home are going to fight back. You don't get the right to act indignant or surprised when this happens, people.

3. I love to move and exercise. At one point I used to dance and stretch constantly, and I miss those days. When I do finally get off my ass to do it, I enjoy it. I just wish it didn't result in a blood sugar crash and a few hours of low-level headache to follow. :(

4. Snow is still magical, even after 3 decades of being exposed to it. Self-explanatory.

5. Hypochondria is funny, but only until you give a second rebuttal on why you might have a certain illness. After that, further insistence in the presence of someone who obviously doesn't believe you will just lead to annoyance. (For a short time on Thursday I thought I might be a sociopath. Then I realized no one can be THIS insecure about wanting more friends and enjoying talking to others and have a brain malfunction like that. I'm just very badly self-absorbed and it shows.)

6. There are a lot of assumptions that go along with the holidays. They are not the same assumptions held by your loved ones. It will take a while for you all to figure this out, and even longer to untangle, investigate, and reach compromise. Have patience. Rome was not built in a day and deciding whether to hang colored or white lights on the tree won't either.

7. The majority of my computers' resources, both desktop and now laptop, are taken up with getting me access to music. XM Radio, the new and faster Winamp program I just downloaded to play all of the mp3's I've also downloaded, and for when I can't get to XM... all of these take up a lot of space and processor speed. Pandora particularly is a system hog. Best not to leave it running in the background unless you absolutely HAVE to listen to a station dedicated strictly to French and Chinese rap that you have carefully constructed over the course of 2 weeks. (That is a true story.)

8. The human mind can devise multiple things to do with your free time. Only choose a few of them, and do not beat yourself up that you chose those instead of others. You'll simply spend your time regretting that you can't do everything at once and not be happy with what you make the time to do. Knit a scarf instead of doing the dishes. Vaccuum instead of playing the new video game. Be glad that you get to experience any of these things at any time, and the beauty of the choice to. (thank you to Bob for pointing out I do this a lot to myself.)

And finally...

9. Don't ever suspect you're good at something. Just do it. And keep doing it, as hard and as thoroughly as you dare try it. People will let you know when they're impressed. If you're really good, large groups of people will tell you they think so.

Now off to go write. 24,144 words, 50 pages. I will have 35,000 by the time the weekend is over!! I have to earn my fox hat!

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