Monday, November 3, 2008

And just as an aside...

... I have never seen anyone more miserable or useless in an investigation than "Miz". Seriously. It wasn't 7 hours to talk about yourself. It wasn't Hollywood where people drop to their knees and sucked you off because you were making them a pretty penny. It's a ghost investigation and you need to shut your mouth and learn instead of talking over everything and everybody.
He was fucking useless. Utterly useless. And it became apparent as they didn't let him go down in to the dungeon or anywhere that there was a lot of activity that they were trying to keep his abrasiveness away from areas they were getting readings. The fact that he wasn't even visible for the last 2 hours of the investigation? Even more telling.
Perhaps the best part of all was when they cut to Grant, Jay and Steve Valentine and they immediately started making fun of him. You could tell they were irritated but trying to be polite about it since the cameras were on them. Bob and I had a good lol at that.
I'm just glad they stopped showing him. Hopefully it was because enough people bitched that he was ruining the show and they weren't there to listen to him talk about himself.
Also, I don't believe for a second that game was actually called "cornhole". Sounds to me like someone was just trying to get them to say it on TV a whole bunch.

As an aside, it is my beloved's birthday today. We are celebrating by just being together and having dinner while chatting. It's the nicest and most intense present I could give him. He's brilliant thinking these things up. :)

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