Sunday, November 9, 2008


So Saturday I spent the majority of my day at my friend Blake's house in E-town. She's been studying incredibly hard for as long as I've known her to become a psychologist (or psychiatrist, a psych-individual). She's finally nearing the end of it all, and her current semester's class was about giving tests to individuals for various things.
Achievment and IQ, etc. And for some bizarre reason she decided that she really, really wanted to test me as part of helping her learn how to give the tests. I thought it would be interesting, as the last time I was tested was in 5th grade, and at that time it was something like 126. I was interested to know if it had gone up and I'd heard that it does over time (Also, I had no idea if 126 was "good" to be or not.)
I thoroughly enjoyed both of the tests, especially the part with the puzzles and the blocks. I was asked NOT to do the puzzles upside down so the finished products would be facing her, as apparently she had a picture of what it should look like from her angle and I was just screwing it up. Oops. Shows me for being a big damned show-off.
We took a break between the IQ test and the Achievement test to run and grab some Indian food at a rather nice place in Lancaster. It's been so long since I've had any that it was an immense treat just to have the Basmati rice. Tandoori chicken, tikka masala and naan absolutely made my day. I dove in and enjoyed myself. Meanwhile I chatted with Blake and her hubby Dustin about life, the universe and everything. Dustin's taking German, so we traded German bands we knew that he could use for his classes.
We came back, finished the achievement test (it would appear I actually know how to do math now... I've finally tricked my brain in to recognizing calculating patterns and ignore the numbers until I need values. SWEET.) and then retired upstairs to chat and listen to music. I shared with them my love of the GraphJam and TotallyLooksAlike websites, and they shared with me the YouTube videos for Nerd Porn and 1-900-Nerdy-Girls. VERY good stuff.
Blake decided she wanted to grade it while I was still there so I had my first real sampling of Portishead and a few other things as she worked her way through it.
Raw score got us overly excited at 157. Then I realized there was simply no way it could be that high based on the initial score. So we put it through the wringer, and came out with an adjusted, more accurate score.
Now...for the sake of not being overly obnoxious about it, I'm simply going to say this. I officially qualify for Mensa, which has been a bottom-of-the-pile goal of mine ever since I originally took the test. They take the top 2% of the population, and I handily slide in at the top 1% of the population. It's not something I was sure I could change. IQs seemed to be pretty much fixed.
With this in my mind, it now occurs to me that the only excuse I had for not completing college initially was letting stupid shit like my ex get in the way. There's utterly no reason I couldn't have pulled it off. It lays to rest -at least for now- all those sniggering whispers that I'm actually not that intelligent, that all the success up until now has been just pure dumb luck and really I'm a talentless hack... Nope. I'm pretty much capable of everything except launching a rocket. But I could certainly start it on my own.
It's interesting what peace of mind a simple number can give you. Also, I realized that without the quirks of it, I wouldn't be nearly as nifty a person as I'm told I am. I am slowly coming to believe it.

Thought I would take a moment to point out that I am currently at 7,551 words for NaNoWriMo. Should have 15,003 but at least I'm more than halfway to the goal. All I have to do is sit down and crank out 4,000 words over the next few days (not that big an issue) and I'll be caught back up. I'm liking the story, but not trusting the process. Need to work on that.

Time to go to bed, so as to be unbearable tomorrow at work and a bit smug. I know it'll happen, so I'm just embracing it.

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