Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaNoWriMo Day-Final

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement make.

At 6:35 pm EST, yours truly crossed the finish line with 50,770 words. 93 pages.

I have earned my special fox hat that I will be modeling for everyone later, along with the celebratory pie that Bob and I are going to go have as soon as he is done with his raid. Following that I will go on to complete my homework for this week and in general feel like I'm pretty hot shit for pulling all of this off.

In the final review, it's amusing to note that it all came down to the bribes and the Hat of Cat that I stuck on my head whenever I got stuck.
To that end, I'd like to take a moment to thank Pawstars for providing me with that hat at AnimeNext earlier this summer. Without it I wouldn't have had my own version of the "viking horns" so often referenced in NaNoWriMo mythology as a means by which one can spur their creativity. Sitting there with that hat on my head told my brain it was time to focus and get some shit done. And got it done I did.
If anyone's interested, their website is, they are lovely and fun people, and I just got the Extra Warm Fox Yip Hat II from them to reward myself for making it through. They also make cat hats, wolf hats, rabbit hats, panda hats, and cosplay things. All of it is fairly adorable, and a lot of it probably would mostly look good at an anime convention or on a snowboarder.

If there's a way I could be more excited or proud of myself at this point, I don't know of it. This evening I am epic and legendary and full of the need to feast and be victorious.
Tomorrow I will be a normal, mundane helpdesk technician with a manuscript in need of fleshing out, grammar checking and finishing up. But for now...I fucking rule.

I rule so much that I'm going to go get that 72 pack of copics I've been drooling over, the next edition of Tokyo Mew Mew, and some paint brushes. I'm feeling the need to channel all this creative energy elsewhere finally!

Happy Thanksgiving....

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