Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNoWriMo count day 18

16,965 words.
Don't remember how many pages.

I'm seriously behind enough at this point to warrant putting the cat hat back on and getting to work.

Advised word count for this day: 30,006.

I have to make up 15,000 words in the next 12 days. This is when I think back trying to determine exactly why I decided ~not~ to write at any one given time.
Hiking in the woods with my Dad and then going to lunch was NOT something I was willing to forgo, though. Screw you, wrimo count. Screw you.

As of 11:35 I am at 20,653 words, 45 pages. If I have 2 5,000 word days and one 3,000 word day, I'm easily caught up. Story wrote itself again when I put on the cat hat and sat down to do some business. Have I mentioned how much I love this process??

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