Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Death to Sirius. Immediately.

So... apparently not just me, but most of America woke up this morning to discover that Sirius had lobotomized XM radio, and they were about as happy with it as I currently am.
My presets are fucked, and to my immense dismay and loathing, there are now DJs on the channels. DJs announcing the song titles and not really doing anything but making the airwaves sound like regular radio. I didn't move to XM to hear regular beer-chugging, frat-boy radio with ditzes trying to sound bad-ass and men telling jokes catering to the lowest denominator. Basically what's happening now is that you are paying for the priviledge of listening to REGULAR FUCKING RADIO.

And they're proud of it, too... Sirius is reacting as if it's a benevolent dictator allowing us to stick around and experience the greatness of ~their~ stations.

Fuck that.
When I am paying $13+ dollars a month to listen to something, I'd like to do so because it ISN'T like terrestrial radio: Full of ads and obnoxious DJs. There aren't ads still, but now that I've located the shuffled channels I used to listen to, there ARE irritating, loud, obnoxious DJs breaking in to my music enjoyment with their inane comments and insipid witticism. Why announce what song is coming on? IT IS ON THE DAMNED DISPLAY. Listening online instead of in your car? IT IS ON THE THE ONLINE RADIO PLAYER. Right there. Save yourself some money and FIRE those airheads. Recover some of those Q3 earnings you've lost so much of.

I wrote them a letter expressing my intense dissatisfaction with the state of things, and that I'll be canceling my subscription in 3 months if they don't change a few things around. It's sad, because I really loved XM radio. The ability to get music anywhere at any time as long as it wasn't really stormy was great. I even went so far as to buy a unit for in the house to listen to it there. *sigh* All useless now.

Guess I need to shape up my Pandora stations until that dies as well. After that...who knows where I'll get my music fix. I'm really, really disappointed in all of this and what they did to something that was the anti-radio I so desired. It's not a good week for Helen or her gadgets.

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