Monday, May 4, 2009

Holga luv pt. 2

I did something a little different this birthday. Usually I grab the digital or my 35 mm and do my best to document birthday-ness. I got back 2 rolls from last year's birthday bash alone.
This year the entire 2 day event was documented on 2 rolls of 120 film run through my Holga. I went for the abstract, the off-kilter, the textured, the kinda misty, and the avant-garde. I'm dying to see how these rolls turn out and can't wait.
Yes, I've been going on and on about the Holga lately. But the fact of the matter is that I adore the product and what it can (and can't!) do for photography. I love the limitations and the vignetting.
At this point I'm just trying to figure out the fastest way to get this stuff processed and turned in to prints so I can see how my particular camera handles the film. I'm also very excited to see how the images look, since I'm not entirely sure the distance, focal length and so on turned out.
Trust me, once I have the images, the better ones will be posted and everyone will be sick of me spamming them.

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