Sunday, May 10, 2009

I find myself utterly obsessed with 4 small facts as the trip to Japan grows closer. The daily wavering of the yen against the dollar make me nervous about exactly how much I'll have when we're in grand Nihon.
For instance, right now it's at 98.71 yen to the dollar. At some point on Friday it was 99.5. that might night seem like a lot, but that's the difference of a couple hundred dollars on this trip. I believe I've already expounded on that previously. I'm hoping it sticks up around 99-100 for the duration of the trip, but with my tax refund having just shown up, I think we'll be okay.
The other things? The temperature for Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa. I've watched in amusement as the weather in Kyoto and Tokyo have mirrored our own here, right down to the seeming 9 straight days of rain we just emerged from. Yesterday the temperature hit 80. Yikes. I guess I didn't think that it would be that hot already there, but I'm hoping that either that's just an odd heat spike, or else we'll be inside often enough that the heat won't be too bad. Perhaps I worry pre-emptively and without need. I imagine it wouldn't be any different than walking around New York in May, especially with their eerie tendency to mirror the northeast in climate.
My cat is chittering at golfers walking out on the golf course like she does with birds on the back porch.

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