Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, crapola.

95.41 yen to the dollar? Really, economy? Just when I was starting to get my hopes up we had enough to be carefree whilst overseas, you go and do this to us?

You will not be receiving a Xmas card or a cash infusion from ~me~ in the near future. AT least, not in the US. >:P

In other news it's raining, I got a killer awesome massage last night, and Lost, per usual, answered all the incidental questions in the season finale without actually telling us what the hell is going on. But at least we know what happened to Vincent. And Rose and Bernard by extension. Good on them. :)
My favorite line from last night? When Miles walks up to the group and asks "Did anybody stop to think that maybe what Jack's about to do causes all of this to happen?" *pause as they look at each other as if a lightbulb just went on* "Oh good, as long as we thought this thing through..."
I love Miles. He is one of the greatest smartass characters ever. He is only eclipsed by Ben Linus in that show.
This gets me no points at all with anybody anywhere, but I feel happy to have picked up the maddeningly subtle clues. :D
Juliette is also the most badass woman on TV. To sit there and hammer on a nuke with a rock knowing it's going to kill you takes more balls than a stadium full of men have. I loved her character. I hope she's not gone.
According to weather underground, we leave PA in rain and arrive in Tokyo in rain. Extended forecast says it'll be cloudy the first week while we're there, with inconstant rain showers. I'd thought the rainy season held off until June, but honestly if it were that or blazing hot sun I will take the clouds and the rain.
2 days. I'm excited and yet really, really nervous.
Bob mentioned last night that he was worried about everything to come but for slightly different reasons. Going to Japan is the only goal we've really had. After that... what next? There's nothing long term on the horizon. And he's right. My whole life I've lived without a really solid, workable goal. I don't have an endgame planned, or even know of one that I would like. Last night I chuckled and said "welcome to existentialism" but really... that's it. If you don't blindly slip in to the track by all the carts ahead, you've got to forge your own road and there's no road-markers on it. You can't even tell where the waypoints are when you decide to trail blaze like that.
I guess I like it that way, because it means I can make stuff up as I go along. And if I get to a cliff, I get to enjoy the view before I decide if I want to climb down or dive off.
Diving off, just as an fyi, is the fastest and hardest of the learning curves available.
omg we're going to japan.

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