Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Actual Conversation # 60 - Where Joss Whedon's Stockholm Syndrome is discussed.

gru: Btw, according to this rumor report The unusuals is a long shot to be renewed.
me: I figured.
In IMDB it listed "one other" show in the lineup and nothing else.
gru: I kinda liked it, myself
me: I did too!
me: Shit. Fox might dump the "Dollhouse"
Why does Whedon keep acting like the wife of a crack addict?
grudan523: *chuckles*
I don't know, baby
me: You'd think if someone kept hitting you like that, you would walk the hell away!
Especially if they killed your baby.


Unknown said...

Suggesting that FOX is a crack addict is unrealistic. Some crack addicts get treatment.

Unknown said...

... and have occasional, if brief, periods of lucidity.

Actually, I've heard that Joss had a contract with Fox requiring him to create five TV shows for them, of which Dollhouse would be the last. Dunno if it's true, though.