Monday, May 4, 2009

Actual Conversation # 58 - long passwords suck on Blackberries.

Amanda: hi helen. happy monday
Helen: Happy Monday!
Amanda: i just sent you an e-mail to inbox for a bb activation for scott
Amanda: just so you know...whenever you get time
Helen: Yup. Just got it.
Amanda: do you like it
Amanda: ?
(ticket reads "dog ate BB")
Helen: lol
Amanda: i thought i'd be creative this morning
Helen: Is it true?
Amanda: yes
Amanda: seriously
Helen: NICE. :-D
Amanda: there are teeth marks all the way through the device
Hele: Wow. What kind of Dog does he have??
Amanda: big
Amanda: it looks like maraduke
Amanda: its liek 110lbs
Helen: lol
Amanda: and his paws are the size of my hands
Helen: Jeebus!
Amanda: yeah - crazy
Amanda: he will be getting a brand new one,,,sometime this week
Helen: He's all set. Password is "onomatopoeia"
Amanda: what
Amanda: ha
Amanda: nice
Helen: ....actually, it's "go"

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