Friday, May 1, 2009


I have taken flash pictures of my cat Daisy so many times in the past week that any time I walk up to her with anything in my hands she automatically squints or closes her eyes and looks away. Wow. Talk about being told someone's got no faith in you!
Unfortunately with her lovely black and white coat she makes too much of a perfect target for the black and white film and filters I'm testing out on the Holgakins.
See? She barely puts up with me:

"Mooooooom... leave me alooooooone, I'm tryin' to take a nap heeeeere. Whimper-whine, semi-meow..."
Can't you just picture it looking at her?

Being May Day, Beltane, May 1st, and 2 days before my birthday, I brought cupcakes for the masses today. The masses seem to enjoy May Day baked goods. I plan to continue this tradition once more. People actually even wished me happy birthday this year, which almost never happens. Neat to share and have other human beings interact based on it.

I've started carrying the Holga around with me, just to see what images I can capture when I'm out and about. I keep thinking when I see things "oh, I need to come back and get a shot of this." A week passes, the flowers die, the dandelion fluff blows away, someone rakes their yard, and the image is changed. No more. I'm going to have documentation possibilities on my person!

Also, I just found all my old draft posts stashed in the back alley of Blogger. Umm... if you read regularly for any reason (Hi mom!) you may wanna go back and check April and March... and February....... ?? For some reason there's a ton of them in there that didn't post so I think I've got a different issue entirely now.

Still mildly irritating, but at least my words weren't lost. That was the big thing.

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