Thursday, May 7, 2009

comfert fud

There is something ridiculously healing about the consumption of McDonald's french fries in their role as comfort food.
I think that with mac n' cheese and hot cocoa those are probably my big 3. Unfortunately, french fries were the only thing available when I pulled up to the drive-thru window so I went with it.

The odd thing was that when I pulled up this overly perky voice announced the drive thru was open 24 hours and did I want to try a McMocha or some sorry something... having heard it announced to the car in front of me, I waved it off, then heard a second voice cut in, deeper but still feminine.
In observing this in action after my order was put in, it reminded me of watching the cars go through the Hershey Chocolate World ride as a child. You could see the music and see the lights going off for the cars in front and behind you, but only vaguely here it. Once you were in it, though, you realized it was the exact same thing being played to everybody and while it certainly made sense, it removed some of the magic out of the ride. Kids always hope for an X factor in life to mark the surprise and uncertainty that lies ahead of them, and because they're natural optimists they want it to be something exciting and fun... like the Hershey kiss breaks out in to a round of "Row Row Row Your Boat!" instead of the approved songstrack. But trundling around on those spindles like that, hearing the same shaded refrain over and over such that your car was basically encased in a repeating moment, it lost the luster and excitement to an extent.
Pulling back from that memory I realized that I had just drawn a mental line between the drive-thru and an amusement park ride, I was laughing when I handed my card off to pay for the food. The young woman at the window just smiled with me, not sure what was so funny, then me and my car trundled along on the McRide to pick up the McFood.

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