Friday, May 15, 2009

Final Preparations

Went shopping last night for travel-sized items to take with us on the trip while an immense thunderstorm pounded on the metal roof of the grocery store. It was wonderful, and watching the gentle flash of blanketing lightning on the way home was relaxing and mesmerizing.
We obtained our 50,000 yen from the bank and stared at the strange designs on them. A wooden bird, the portraits of late emperors and a shrine of some kind... these have meaning to the people of Japan the way and the Lincoln Memorial and Ben Franklin do for us on ours. I feel somewhat cheated not understanding what they did that earned them their spot there, but perhaps we'll learn.
Date night was dinner at Chili's and the new Star Trek movie. I thoroughly enjoyed both. The Star Trek movie I enjoyed much to my chagrin. I couldn't even say okay it was good but X had issues... no. IT was just a ~good movie~. I found that I didn't even give a damn that much that they'd completely wiped everything we know about the Universe and it's history. There may be no 1701-F. We might not encounter to Borg. Voyager and DS9 may never happen, and you know what? It's probably better for it!
I trust few people to carry on what I love well. It's good to see that at least this one was in good hands. I don't particularly care of Wesley Crusher ever dicks around at Farpoint Station or Q ever shows up again. As long as they understand that even space needs an awesome knock down drag-out fist-fight, I think we're safe.
By the way, I'd forgotten the singular joy of removing pork from bone and will probably discuss with Bob a way to secretly obtain a grill that we might barbecue at home and have such lovely things as BBQ chicken with the skin crisped to black. Ribs need to be around our house more often. Period.
This time tomorrow we'll be twiddling our thumbs in Dulles. Even that excites me. The reality of a 14 hour flight hasn't hit yet, I don't think.

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