Monday, May 11, 2009


We have a request for yen currently being fulfilled at the bank for tomorrow's pickup. We have medications. We have signed and stashed passports, train tickets, plane info, and phone numbers. We have the website ready to go (2 Hopeless Gaijin for family reading this, but an email is forthcoming) and laundry is done.
Massage is planned for Wednesday night. Haircut probably tomorrow. Packing begins Wednesday, and we've located the charger for ~everything~.

Right now my immediate needs are gaffer's tape, travel sized shampoo, and some chamomile tea to help me calm the hell down. I'm bouncing off the walls. This shall be beyond epic. I may never duplicate something this awesome in my life again.

Also, we made sun pictures yesterday afternoon. They were awesome.

This week will go way too fast and rock way too much.

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