Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good morning, Otherworld!

This morning's rare treat was a world coated in cold crystal. Despite the expectation of ice and dangerous driving, the roads were wet and salted and allowed for a leisurely drive amongst the other scared motorists waiting for it to magically freeze over as they drove. The slow speeds made for more time to look at how the rain had frozen in a little crystal veil on every exposed structure. It even hung from the power lines like a string of beads on a chandelier.
I don't know what it is about this kind of weather, but I love it. There is just something about the entire world being hushed under a layer of ice that seems faerie-like. I took a long moment to observe it from the bedroom window this morning in the pre-dawn gloaming. It felt other out there, and I liked it.

We watched the last of Lost, season 4 yesterday night, and are now duly caught up with the rest of the world in waiting for season 5. I find that I like the series, but am very irritated that I am so in to it now that I had a serious fear they would hurt the island and the people on it. I had images of a fire storm occurring on the island wiping out every living thing and it made me genuinely sad. It also made me sad that the 6 left. Yes, they were getting back to civilization, but if I had a choice between sitting here at a desk typing this or being out on an island where the weather is warm and the food is easy to come by, not to mention a tendency to not get sick and the possibility of seeing a few miracles... yeah, I'd do the latter.
Bob and I have been floating conspiracy theories all morning now that we can freely go look information up without hitting spoilers. My personal theory is that the island didn't move in distance or space, but in time. It was already revealed to be out of sync with things a bit, so why not throw it just a little ~more~ out of phase, making it even harder to find it unless you were already attuned somehow?

I haven't wanted to wrap my head around a TV show like this in a while. It has me a little giddy.

Got some yarn for making the socks today. Need double-pointed-needles to pull it off, so I'll go get those this week/end at some point. I've decided my gift to Bob for this Valentine's Day shall be a pair of comfy socks. We'll see if it works.

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